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Aldi Has A New Coco Bay’s Coconut Specialty Beverage And You Have To Try It

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If there is one flavor that totally reminds me of summer, it’s COCONUT!!

That could be because my most favoritest drink ever is the Piña Colada, and I always have some sort of coconut rum and coconut milk around the house in case there is a Piña Colada emergency. LOL!

Aldi just made summer even better, because they came out with a Coco Bay’s Coconut Specialty bottled beverage, not to be confused with their DELISH coconut wine that they brought out last year.

This new Coco Bay’ Coconut Specialty drink is more rum flavored than wine flavored — and it’s so freakin’ good.

Now, I don’t know if you have tried the wine and drink selection at Aldi, but they don’t disappoint!

I would suggest any one of their selections — especially their holiday flavors — but you DEFINITELY have to try this Coco Bay!!

It is so good mixed into some pineapple juice with a splash of cherry juice added for funsies. YUM!!

It’s also totally tasty mixed with a little bit of orange juice, for a different take on the classic Mimosa beverage.

Each bottle of Coco Bay’s Coconut Specialty holds 750-mL, and can be found in your Aldi alcohol aisles — assuming liquor sales are permitted in your area.

Go straight to your local Aldi, and see if you can grab a bottle or two of this Coco Bay Coconut Specialty drink. You won’t be disappointed!!


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