Aldi Has Coconut Whipped Topping And It Sounds Delicious

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I’m not going to lie. I’ve been known to tip up the bottle of whipped topping, and squirt it directly into my mouth.

I mean, I also put it on coffee, strawberries, and other normal things, but there is just SOMETHING about eating it pure, that is so satisfying.

Look what was found at Aldi! It is coconut whipped topping, and it comes in a squirty can. Yay!! I could totally do some damage to my diet with THIS whipped topping.


I’m going to BET this coconut whipped topping has the essence of a piña colada, and really, we all need a little bit of that in our lives this summer!


You guys! It is only 3 bucks for a can of this devine whipped coconut topping. It is made of REAL coconuts. It reminds me of being in Hawaii!


OMG!! Can you imagine this on some cold brew coffee? GENIUS. My mouth is legit watering right now.


Now, this IS an Aldi Finds, which mean it may not be here for long. How rude, right? They tease us, and then take it away! *Smile*


But, that just means you are going to have to run right now to your local Aldi. If you want to get three cans, I won’t tell anyone. You do you, Boo!


While you are at Aldi, you may want to see if they have anymore of the Pineapple Cooler Backpacks. I have TWO, I love them so much. They are so roomy and wonderful!

Courtesy of Aldi Finds

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