Aldi Is Selling Colorful Glassware To Make Summer Bright and I Need Them

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You may want to put “glassware” beside “eggs” and “butter” on your next grocery list.

Why, because Aldi’s is selling colorfully stained glassware that are made for summer sipping.

Featuring packs of four ranging from wine glasses to regular drinkware, the grocery store now sells glassware that are colorfully bright!

So consider your other glasses officially moved to the top shelf so these new glasses can be eye level for guests to notice!

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Not to mention there are also three different types of these colorful drinking glasses that are stocked on Aldi’s store shelves.

You can choose from stemmed, stemless, and Double Old Fashioned Glasses!

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Now the only hard part will be deciding which pack to stock the kitchen cabinets with.

Just kidding, we’re buying all three packs!

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You can expect each four pack to include blue, green, pink, and yellow colored glasses that are simply perfect for Mocktails during the summer!

Although if you look closely, the Double Old Fashioned Glasses set themselves apart with a beaded design that surrounds the entire cup alongside the stunning color that brightens each glass.

Courtesy of @tronlegkai

Made by Crofton, you can find the three seperate sets of the colorful glassware currently at Aldi’s in the home and decor aisle.

Just don’t forget the milk and butter that was also on the list!

Courtesy of @tronlegkai

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