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Aldi is Selling Everything Bagel Butter and I Am Stocking Up

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Aldi’s done it again!!

Name one seasoning in your spice cabinet that you use on the daily.

For me, it’s Everything Bagel seasoning. I put it on everything from eggs, to bagels, to chicken, and everything in between.

Now, Land O’Lakes is taking Everything Bagel seasoning and whipping it up into their butter. And, y’all, it’s simply a must!

Where can you get this Land O’Lakes Every Little Thing Bagel Butter?

Why, Aldi, or course!

Land O’Lakes

The Land O’Lakes Everything Bagel Butter is just what you think it would be.

It’s a mix of garlic, dried onion, salt, and poppy seeds all mixed up in Land O’Lakes butter.

You might be saying, “What about the sesame seeds? I know there’s usually sesame seeds.”

Well, Land O’Lakes made the executive decision to leave sesame seeds out of the butter, because the FDA announced it was adding sesame as a major food allergen.

Land O’Lakes has replaced the sesame seeds with hemp seeds — and if you’ve never had a hemp seed, they are YUMMY!!

It makes this Everything Butter safe for people with sesame allergies, and that’s only a good thing.

This limited batch butter can be found right in the Aldi Finds deli section of the grocery retailer, and you better get it quick.

Land O’Lakes

Land O’Lakes Everything Bagel Butter is only here for a very limited time, so you better go make an Aldi run muy pronto!

The Everything Butter will only be at Aldi through the end of March. Booooo.

But, there’s good news.

Land O’Lakes has announced they will be expanding this tasty butter to other nationwide retailers in 2024.

This Land O’Lakes butter would be PERFECT on these Two-Ingredient Bagels. Gah!!

Excuse me while I grab my keys and head to Aldi for this Land O’Lakes Everything Bagel Butter.

Aldi / Land O’Lakes

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