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Aldi Is Lowering The Prices On Thanksgiving Foods Back To 2019 Prices and We Are Forever Grateful

The prices at the grocery store are getting totally out of control. Thank you, inflation.

But, Aldi has our backs. They are taking the cost of their Thanksgiving foods back to 2019, so we can all afford a delicious home-cooked Thanksgiving meal.

And, I love them for it!

Blast From the Past: ALDI Rewinds Pricing on Thanksgiving Favorites

Aldi Press Release

We can all use a little bit of monetary reprieve this holiday season, AMRITIE?!?

ALDI is pleased to introduce the Thanksgiving Price Rewind offering affordable prices on holiday essentials.

Aldi Press Release

This is going on RIGHT NOW, so it’s a great time to hit up your local Aldi grocery store to get those Thanksgiving favorites that we all love.

Think favorites like brie cheese, prosciutto, cornbread stuffing, award-winning wines, mini quiches, fresh brown-and-serve rolls, macarons and apple pie, to name a few. Shoppers can look for the Thanksgiving Price Rewind icon in their local ad and throughout the store for extra savings.

Aldi Press Release

Did you catch that? Even their wine is going to be on sale. Gah!!

I know where I’m going to be this morning!

This Thanksgiving and all year-round, ALDI is committed to offering shoppers the best possible value. No matter what’s going on in the world, ALDI will continue to be the low-price leader in every community it serves.

Aldi Press Release

This Aldi Blast From the Past Thanksgiving Price Rewind deal is going on until November 29, so go stock up.

Don’t forget your quarter for that Aldi shopping cart, because you are going to need it!