Aldi Is Selling A $5 Bottle Of Pinã Colada Wine And I Could Use Some Right About Now

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Do you like Pinã Coladas? Do you like getting caught in the rain? If you said yes, you will LOVE this awesome Aldi find!

Let’s be honest, EVERY find from Aldi is awesome. They can just do no wrong!

This, though, is PERFECTO for summer! Can you say PINÃ COLADA in a bottle?!?


We found it, right on the shelves of Aldi. This pinã colada drink is actually a wine, but you will feel just like you are sipping on a tropical beverage, on a sandy caribbean beach.


After being stuck inside for eleventy hundred days, I can sure use a little vacation — even if it’s in my mind, with a tasty beverage in my hand.


TECHNICALLY, this drink is called “BEACH COLADA,” but let’s be real. By the graphic on the bottle — a hollowed out coconut with pineapple garnish — pinã colada is OBVIOUSLY what the drink inside tastes like!


This is also the most REASONABLE pinã colada concoction EVER, at less than five bucks!


Throw it in a blender with some ice — maybe a bit of pineapple juice and coconut milk (super-yum) — and you have a PERFECT pinã colada blended beverage.


Let the summer commence.


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