You Can Get An All Edges Brownie Pan For The Perfect Brownie Every Time

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Sometimes I just need a brownie. Okay, I don’t NEED a brownie, but I CRAVE a brownie.

And, not just a brownie, but the crispy, chocolatey EDGE of a brownie!

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That’s when I bust out this little miracle-of-a-pan — The Baker’s Edge – Edge Brownie Pan! It’s all edges, all the time.

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Yes, the ooey-gooey center of the brownie is divine, but there is just something about getting that edge piece that sends my world into a brownie-induced high.

I found this pan on Amazon, and it has changed my brownie-loving world!

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It comes with EVERYTHING I need to make a batch of all edge pieces brownies. Okay, it doesn’t come with the brownie mix, but I can whip up a batch of brownie batter in no time!

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It even has a silicone lid, in case I need to bring these brownies to share — but, I have to love you A LOT to share my edge pieces!

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This little silicone edge piece blocks off the pan, in case I need to make a small batch, or if I want to make different flavors of brownies. I can even make blondies with my brownies!!

The reviews on this pan are EXCELLENT — because, I wouldn’t buy it otherwise. It get’s a 4.5 out of 5 stars, and 84% of those are a 5-star rating!!

It will only cost you $49.95 on Amazon, and will make you batch after batch of brownie goodness.

I have several pregnant friends who are going to need ready-made meals delivered, and this will make the perfect dessert to add on as a bonus!!

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