All I Really Want In Life Is A Peacock

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The other day I asked my husband if we could get a peacock. He said absolutely not.

Here’s the thing in my marriage, we pretty much do what we want when we want, but when it comes to animals or purchases over a certain amount of money, we have to agree. And honestly, a herd of peacocks falls into both categories.

So I am currently peacockless.

But like, I have a whole plan for these peacocks. I did some research, and I think I could get them as babies. So like, they think I am their mom, and then I can let them be free range peacocks.

Because that is a thing.

So, I’ve devised a plan to convince my husband that we need peacocks. I found a place that breeds them to make them look however you want. Because this is apparently important– you don’t want just any old peacock.

And this is far as I’ve gotten in my plan, so I need some help. What should be step two in obtaining the peacock? Any ideas?

I mean, I need a really good plan. Because last time I devised such a plan I ended up with Nugget. 🙂

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  1. Well #1… they eat snakes, mice, and rats! #2… they are gorgeous! So many visitors and yourself will be in awe of the beauty. I bought a female and male peacock, both about 1 year old and let them free range on our farm. They stick around and have never left. People ask me constantly how I can handle the “noisiness”, but honestly the only time that I have hear them is when the female is in heat, which is only a couple times a year. Even though I begged and researched and ended up finally getting my pair of pea fowl, My significant other has grown to love them being around.

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