All Starbucks Drinks Are Buy One, Get One Every Thursday in February

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Are you ready for the mother load of all Starbucks deals? Well, All Starbucks Drinks Are Buy One, Get One Every Thursday in February!!

Several of our Barista friends have confirmed that February is BOGO month which means every Thursday you can buy one beverage and get another for free!

All you have to do to get the deal is visit your local Starbucks store from 2 PM – 7 PM your local time and use the coupon found in your Starbucks app.

If you can’t find the coupon, Barista’s should be able to apply it for you on their end.

The last time they did this promotion every Thursday was back in December. January was every other week.

This promotion will be on 2/6, 2/13, 2/20 and 2/27.

This is the PERFECT time to give one of our Starbucks Secret Menu items a try! What will you try first? Maybe the Orange Drink or maybe The Mermaid Frappuccino? Whatever it is. I am sure it will be good!

Remember, this BOGO deal is good every Thursday in February so take advantage of it before it’s gone!

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  2. Baristas Everywhere Hate This Site For Making Our Lives Difficult says:

    Stop giving out false information! Happy Hour *ISN’T* every Thursday and I can’t wait for customers to yell at me over YOUR incompetence because 2/20 is double star day, NOT unhappy hour. Either get the information right or just stop posting stuff, including excessive secret menu drinks that only make our lives difficult, especially because everyone is going to ask by name, not by recipe, despite your including it and that they can’t order by name. Also, we really CAN’T just honor or apply it on our end – they need a registered starbucks card – whether through the app or the physical card – to get the deal and it needs to be registered prior to the start of happy hour. Without, we have absolutely no way to give it. Maybe you could replace that lie with a truth – like it’s one use per customer, meaning it’s one order, one transaction, not multiple.

  3. As a manager for a Starbucks this is 1000% NOT true. Please update your info. The baristas also can’t just ring it up on their end. The BOGO is actually only for rewards members and are notified in the app whenever there is a BOGO.

  4. Stop spreading false information. You’re ensuring that lots of baristas’ Thursdays in February are going to be wrecked due to the indignant entitlement of idiots who take crappy articles like this as 100% real news which it isnt. Why not, oh, DO SOME ACTUAL RESEARCH before you make a blog post? Sincerely, a pissed off barista.

  5. This article isn’t true. Please do your research before you have people come in yelling at us for something the internet says. There are no more Happy Hours this month. And to have the coupon they need to be exsisting rewards members. Don’t put out false information about baristas being able to apply it on there end. It isn’t that simple to do that for every person who comes in complaining.

  6. This article is actually not correct. The last Happy Hour in February is 2/13. There will be no other happy hours until March.

    Please correct your article. This makes the lives of our baristas harder, as customers look to your article as factual, when of course it is not.

  7. What exact drinks are those in the photo pictured?

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