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All The ‘That ’70s Show’ Easter Eggs You Can Catch In ‘That ’90s Show’

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I was so pleasantly surprised by That ’90s Show.


The OG That ’70s Show was a total obsession of mine, not to mention the fact that I am a ’90s baby.

That ’90s Show had the potential to ruin both in my mind.

BUT, it’s so good!!


Did you catch all the Easter Eggs from That ’70s Show in the first season of That ’90s Show?

That ’70s Show Easter Eggs Found in That ’90s Show

That Basement

Okay. Was anyone else oddly comforted that Red and Kitty’s basement looked just about exactly the same as in That ’70s Show?!? It made our transition to meeting a new group of kids just a little bit easier.


Candy Land

The game that was almost an obsession in the ’70s was the weed stash of choice for our favorite ’70s gang. It’s also where the ’90s kids find the old weed that was left by their parents, when Kitty unknowingly gives the kids the box.


The Packers Helmet

It was the helmet of shame for Kelso back in the ’70s. He wore it whenever he did something stupid, and had to be punished by the group. The helmet can still be seen in Red and Kitty’s basement in the ’90s.


Glass Grapes

These grapes, which I’m pretty positive everyone owned in the ’70s, moved from the Foreman front room to the basement in the 2 decades since the ’70s. You can see them on the table during the basement shots.

The Visa Cruiser

Perhaps my favorite Easter Egg in the show is the Vista Cruiser. Of course, it was Eric’s car in the ’70s. It was also the spot for the many heart-to-heart talks had by Eric and Donna. This same Vista Cruiser still holds its place in the Foreman driveway during the ’90s.


“Tell Me Something Good”

Bow-chicka-wow-wow. This song became a running theme in the ’70s whenever Red and Kitty were going to have — shall we say — relations. Eric even caught his parents doing it to the song at one point. It is apparently still their song, because it plays when Red and Kitty head upstairs in the ’90s.


The Foreman Family Photos

It simply wouldn’t be the Foreman house without family photos. Check out the living room, and look closely for the family photos. You just may see a few pictures you know and love from the OG That ’70s Show.


The Kitchen Owls

During the ’70s, the Foreman kitchen was decorated in owl wallpaper. Even though they have updated the space to include fruit, you can see the old owl wallpaper in the front room by the photos. You have to look closely, but it’s there.

The Circle Sequence

Of course, they brought back the circle sequence. You remember it from the 70s whenever they would sit in a circle and smoke. We first see it when the “upstairs people” are enjoying a game of cards. Then, the ’90s kids inherit the sequence when they smoke in the basement.


Bob’s Jewelry

Bob wouldn’t be Bob without his signature chunky gold jewelry. While he’s jumped into a whole new aesthetic — a behind-the-times Miami Vice look — he still sports that gold jewelry.


The Water Tower

Just like in the ’70s, the ’90s kids like going to the water tower. I mean, I kinda wish I were there with them. The signature graffiti can still be seen on the water tower — it’s like an old friend.


“Horny” Pastor Dave

In the ’70s, he had a very inappropriate obsession with the eldest Foreman sibling, Laurie. In the ’90s, Kitty finds him in the Adult Video section of the local video store doing “very unholy” things.


Tommy Chong was a total staple of Point Place in the ’70s. He is back in the ’90s, living down the street from the Foremans and holding the video “Clerks.”


The Landlord

The recurring nemesis to Fez, and the landlord of the house next to the Foremans, is back in the ’90s. Fenton shows up in the finale, and the standoff with Fez continues.


Fez Tootsie Rolls

He loved them in the ’70s, and he still loves them 2 decades later. He even offers them for free at his salon. Fez can even be seen unwrapping a Tootsie Roll in his commercial. Is he obsessed with the sticky chocolate candy rolls? Maybe.


The Fantasy Sequence

The occasional fantasy sequence was known to pop up in the minds of the characters in the ’70s. It is no different in the ’90s. In Lelia’s Beverly Hills 90210 fantasy daydream, Brian Austin Green shows up in all his ’90s heart-throb glory.


Red’s Flannels

They were a staple of Red in the ’70s. And, in typical ’90s grunge fashion, all the kids were wearing these recycled gems. They can also be seen on Gwen’s face during the 2nd episode, and in Nate’s car.


Our favorite Kelso saying from the ’70s has made its way into the ’90s. Leave it to Kelso and Jackie’s son, Jay, to utter the term in the last episode of the season.

Kitty’s Touches

Pretty much everything in the house has Kitty’s fingerprints on it. From the furniture, to the decorations, to the pictures, and even the blanket in the basement. Kitty has kept pretty much the same house, and we love her for it.


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