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25 Weird Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Rice

Rice is great if you’re really hungry and want to eat two-thousand of something (Mitch Hedberg said that), but did you know there’s a lot of other things you can do with rice other than use it for food?

Yeah, we’ve probably all thrown a wet phone into a bag of rice to try to save it, but did you know it keeps your salt from sticking, too? And that it can prevent your tools from rusting? Here are 25 alternative ways to use rice that’ll blow your mind! And next time you have two-thousand grains of rice, don’t eat them – use them!

25 Weird Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Rice

1. You’ve dropped your phone in the sink, now what? Rice is for drying a phone, just remember to pull the battery out first (also, save yourself the hassle of having to clean rice out of the crevasses later by securing it a pantyhose sock before the rice).

2. Humid outside? Keep salt from sticking by pouring some rice into the shaker. Rice is a natural desiccant – it dries things out.

3. Place a small bag of rice at the bottom of a toolbox to prevent tools from getting rusty.

4. Pour about a half cup of uncooked rice into your blender and blend until pulverized to sharpen blender blades.

5. Need a ripe banana or apple fast? Rice traps the gas that helps ripen fruit and makes the fruit edible faster.

6. This diy facial scrub will soften skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and leave you with a beautiful glow.

7. Make a heating pad to use on sore muscles after a long day of doing…whatever it is you do.

8. Check to see if oil is hot by dropping a grain of rice into it. If it pops around like a jumping bean, you’re good to go.

9. Prevent cats from knocking things off the mantle (as much) by adding rice to the bottom of your ornaments and decorations.

10. It’s easy to make an eye mask that’ll sooth your eyes after a long day.

11. Tired of a dirty coffee grinder? You can clean coffee grinders using rice. It soaks up the oils and leaves it sparkling.

12. No special tools needed to clean glass vases and bottles. Just add some rice, water, and cleaner, swirl, and you’re good to go.

13. Dye eggs for Easter by adding a few drops of food coloring to a plastic bag along with your boiled eggs. Shake them around for a fun marbled effect.

14. Your kids will love creating art to hang on the wall.

15. Forget adding loud beans to a homemade maraca. Your kids can make music using rice, and you’ll enjoy the much quieter sound.

16. Make your own pie weights using rice and don’t worry about your crust bubbling up ever again.

17. Sew pockets of rice into the bottom of your table cloth to make a weighted table cloth that won’t move around as much when you eat.

18. Know someone who loves funky things? Buy them some personalized weird rice jewelry and you’ll literally never hear the end of it.

19. Sensory play is great for kiddo’s, and this colored rice is a fun form of sensory play that’ll keep them entertained for hours.

20. Bathroom smelling a little funky? Make an air freshener using rice and essential oils and enjoy the difference.

21. Make your own rice glue for projects and crafts using this tutorial.

22. Don’t ever spend money on cat toys again! You can make a pill bottle cat toy (along with a lot of other fun cat toys) using this tutorial.

23. A sensory belt for kids is a great tool for kiddo’s with SPD or other sensory disorders.

24. You can keep silver from tarnishing by placing a sachet of rice in your cabinet. Rice will help absorb the moisture and keep that silver shining longer.

25. A soothing rice bath is a fantastic way to restore healthy, moisturized skin.

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Tuesday 7th of April 2020

Thank you so much for this post. I have a large bag of rice that I need to use. (Not in the traditional sense.) So this should come in handy. I can't believe it soaks up oil. I never would have thought. And it appears to be a good beauty product as well!