Amazon Now Makes Face Masks For The Entire Family And They Are Super Cute

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It would appear that Amazon has now dipped their toes into the mask making world.

We all know by now — unless you live in some remote city in Alaska, completely off the grid — that the CDC recommends wearing face masks (or face coverings) while out in public.

This is mostly to prevent others from getting the virus from you, but there is now research that shows face masks actually protect those that are wearing the face mask as well.

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There are some people that are making their own cloth face masks, you can buy a PLETHORA of different styles from Etsy, and you can even get them at Nordstrom!

You can now get your super-cute face masks right from Amazon — because you KNOW you are going to be on Amazon at 2 am buying stupid things you shouldn’t anyway!

I call that my Quarantine shopping. I am embarrassed to tell you all the stupid awesome things I have gotten during my 2 am Amazon visits.

The Amazon masks are 2-layers of 100% jersey cotton fabric, to coincide with the CDC recommendation that a mask should be multilayered.

You can also get them in both adult and children’s sizes. They come in packs of 4 masks, and they will run you $18.

These aren’t your boring black and white masks, these come in super-cool colors, including my favorite, the Tie Dye!

Get your face masks right on the Amazon website, before they are all gone.

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