If Your Amazon Package Gets Stolen, Here’s What You Need To Do

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‘Tis the season for all the holiday shopping. Who am I kidding? It’s always shopping season at Amazon.

With the influx of online shopping, there is unfortunately an influx in people stealing packages. So, if you find yourself being a victim of getting Your Amazon Packages Stole, Here’s What You Need To Do.

I think it goes without saying but before you freak out and contact Amazon or your delivery carrier, take a moment to ensure the package was stolen and not delivered to the wrong place such as a neighbors house.

Almost everyone nowadays has a security camera or video doorbell camera and if you can verify your package was indeed stolen, the first thing to do is, download that security footage and save it (because you might need it for evidence).

If Your Amazon Package Gets Stolen, Here’s What You Need To Do

Contact Amazon

If you know your Amazon package was stolen, your first step is to contact Amazon’s customer service and inform them of the theft.

Often times, Amazon customer service will ask that you wait until 48 hours have passed after the delivery notification to allow for the possibility the package may be delivered to you.

If you have evidence the package was stolen (again from security footage) let them know that and they may offer a replacement.

File A Police Report

The next step would be to file a police report (sometimes Amazon will ask for this up front before offering a replacement for your order).

You’ll want to call your city’s NON-emergency line (not 911) and report a package theft. Make sure you get a case number or any documentation your complaint was filed.

Contact Your Bank or Credit Card Company

Often times the company that your credit or debit card is issued through (such as American Express) will offer purchase protection and they will reimburse you in a situation like this where your package was stolen. They make ask for the same details such as your order number, delivery date, evidence it was stolen and a copy of the police report.

Overall, it sucks having your packages stolen and it makes you feel violated and unsafe. But the good news is, things like packages can be replaced most of the time.

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