Amazon’s New Cartoon, Danger & Eggs, Is Everything It’s Cracked Up To Be!

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Being a parent means a lot of things, but one of the big ones is finding yourself watching episode after episode of annoying cartoons. It. Is. Tedious. And for many of us completely unavoidable. Kids like what they like and as a parent it might seem like you’re just along for the ride. The very annoying, brain numbingly dull ride. But that ride is ending TODAY! On June 30th Amazon Prime released their newest series, Danger & Eggs, and it is AWESOME! Trust me on this one, folks, Amazon’s new cartoon, Danger & Eggs, is Everything it’s cracked up to be!

Amazon’s New Cartoon, Danger & Eggs, Is Everything It’s Cracked Up To Be!

Starring SNL’s Aidy Bryant as daredevil little girl D.D. Danger, and Eric Knobel as her ever-cautious best friend and talking egg, Phillip, this show will catch your kiddo’s attention from the very first episode and hold it through the last. And, best of all, you totally won’t mind watching it again.

Danger & Eggs if FILLED with smart jokes. Not the kind that only adults will get, but jokes that are funny to kids AND adults. It’s also filled with heart. D.D. lives life to the fullest, but she can only do that because her best friend Phillip (again, a giant walking, talking egg) is there by her side. But it isn’t all about Phillip rescuing D.D. from dangerous situations. These two love each other. D.D. knows everything about Phillip and is willing to sacrifice herself (over and over again) to take care of her friend. And Phillip is always willing to do the same for D.D. It’s like Phillip is there to keep D.D. from taking her adventures too far, and D.D. helps Phillip break out of his safety shell, so to speak.

Overflowing with brightly drawn, but simple illustrations, fun music, and a cast of reoccurring odd characters, even if you end up watching the episodes over and over again, you might never catch everything. Which. Is. Awesome. It means that even if your kids fall completely head-over-heels in love with this show, you aren’t going to secretly begrudge turning it on for them. More than that, though, are the lessons they’ll learn.

Though it definitely isn’t heavy-handed about its message, Danger & Eggs will teach your kids lessons that they’ll hopefully take with them into their everyday lives. Lessons about loyalty as D.D. and Phillip stand up for each other and take care of each other. Lessons about growing up and accepting responsibility as the two make sacrifices for themselves and others. Lessons about compassion. About generosity. Pride. Patience. And my favorite? About being yourself.

Phillip never tries to change D.D. And D.D. never tries to change Phillip. They are who they are. And more than that, they openly acknowledge that they should be whoever they are. In the second episode, Broccoli, Phillip realizes he enjoys broccoli – a sure sign that he’s becoming a grown-up. D.D.’s afraid Phillip will land in a place where he’s neither a kid nor an adult, so she goes about helping him grow up (to keep him from being exiled to the land of in between). Turns out there is no land of in between, but more than that the two recognize that it’s okay for Phillip to be a kid AND enjoy broccoli. It’s okay for him to be who he is.

Probably the best part about Danger & Eggs is that because it’s an Amazon Prime show, you and your kids can take it with you. So during long car rides, or waiting at the doctor’s office, or even while shopping, rather than listening to a constant barrage of, “Are we there yet?” or “Can we please leave?” your kids will be watching a show that they’ll genuinely like and that you genuinely like, too. That’s pretty rare. And with 13 2-episode, 20-minutes-long-each videos, your kids will have about 4 1/2 hours of solidly entertaining watching ahead of them…and you’ll have about 4 1/2 hours of solidly earned peace ahead of you. Which, at this point in the summer, I’m guessing you’ll truly appreciate.

Ultimately Danger & Eggs is a fantastic show with a lot of heart and a good, safe pick for kids of any age. They’ll fall in love with the odd, quirky, sparkly and fun characters, and thankfully, so will you.



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