Amazon’s Selling A 6-Person Inflatable Speed Boat and It Costs Less Than You’d Think

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Summer boating is so fun but not so much if you can’t afford the boat. But now, Amazon’s Selling A 6-Person Inflatable Speed Boat and It Costs Less Than You’d Think so you really have no excuse not to go now!

Amazon’s 6-Person Inflatable is called a ‘Bay Breeze Boat Island’ and it’s sure to be a party on water!

No, this is not a typical speed boat. In fact, it doesn’t even have a place for a motor.

It does however, hold up to 6 people.

Plus, it’s equipped with an in-boat inflatable cooler because cold drinks on the water are a must!

Heck, throw in some cold brews in there, it’s not like you can get pulled over driving an inflatable (or can you?)

According to the description:

Whether you want to ride, play, or lounge, this mega-sized float is right for you. It’s large enough for the whole family–kids and adults will enjoy fun in the sun together.

The float includes an inflated rear swim platform with five handles for easy mounting and dismounting, eight cup holders and a built-in cooler. An inflatable bench seat provides comfortable seating for plenty of friends to hang out.

Nonstop Outdoor Fun You can use it on land or water, as poolside furniture, on your patio or deck–any location. The simple to use safety valve makes inflating and deflating fast and easy, allowing you to inflate to your desired comfort level.

Add more air for more firmness, less air for more softness. The inflatable float is the perfect way to combine big relaxation and big recreation in your backyard swimming pool, lake, bay or even on the lawn.

It is recommended for ages 14 + and the maximum capacity is 6.

At $250 with free shipping, you can’t afford to not have this during summer. So, grab some friends and make it a day out in the lake. Just remember to bring your oars in case you float into the middle of the lake!

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