Amber Heard’s Sister Takes The Stand and Nobody is Buying Her Story

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Today marks day 3 of the cross-examinations and today there are witnesses taking the stand.

Amber Heard’s own sister Whitney Henriquez took the stand and honestly, just another person that nobody buys their story.

Whitney has attested to that fact that she lived in the penthouse with Amber and Johnny, did drugs and was even close to Johnny.

Her story regarding Amber and her alleged abuse, doesn’t add up.

Johnny’s legal team has cross-examined and brought up the fact that Whitney had text Johnny and told him to hit Amber.

She claims, she was joking about it and that was before she knew there was any actual physical abuse.

But then questions if it was around the same time she became aware of the alleged abuse to Amber by Johnny.

Then Johnny’s legal team asks about text messages that Whitney had sent even after knowing that Amber may have been abused.

The texts basically said, that she knew their marriage wasn’t pass the point of no return.

The point being, if she had truly thought Amber was being abused, why didn’t she do something? Why didn’t she text Amber telling her to leave and get out of the situation?

None of it adds up.

What is interesting to me is, so many of Amber’s witnesses claim they can remember some things so vividly then when called out on something specific, pull out the “I don’t remember” card.

People aren’t buying Whitney’s story and keep calling her a liar.

People say that she was a free-loader living with Johnny while he paid all the bills and when that all came to an end, she sided with Amber.

This entire story just keeps getting crazier and crazier.

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