AMC Is Releasing Their Buttery Popcorn to Grocery Stores so You Can Have Movie Theatre Popcorn at Home

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Sometimes the incentive to attending a movie theatre is not for the film, but rather the extra large drinks, the reclining chairs and most importantly, the extra buttery popcorn.

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So if you’ve ever visited the theatre for solely just the popcorn, you’re not alone because there’s just something about microwavable popcorn that just doesn’t cut it, until now.

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AMC theatres is releasing their (secret) popcorn recipe to grocery stores which means you’ll finally be able to bring that warm, and buttery movie theatre popcorn home to watch your favorite show with.

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Sealed in colorful bags, AMC is not only bringing their famous popcorn to grocery store shelves but are also introducing three differen flavors to their popcorn line.

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So keep your eyes peeled for lightly salted, classic butter, and what will most likely be a fan-favorite, extra butter in the snack aisle next to the candy.

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And when it comes to making sure your popcorn is warm every time you pour a bowl, each bag has a set of heat and instructions on the back to follow!

Courtesy of AMC Theatres

While AMC theatres has not yet dropped the date of the release date, or should I say popped, their website notes that the popcorn will be coming soon and you can even signup on their site to be notified when they’re on sale!

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Now it may be too soon to tell, but it looks like the big screen in theatres might soon be replaced with our television screens at home considering now we can microwave movie theatre popcorn at home!

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