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AMC Theaters Will Now Start Charging Higher Ticket Prices Based On Where You Sit

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Gone are the easy days of going to the movie theater, buying a ticket, and walking in to find a seat wherever you want.

AMC Theaters is changing up the way they sell movie tickets, and I’m already not a fan.

Many of the movie theaters have already gone to reserving an actual seat — like, picking a seat number, and sitting there once you go in.

BUT, AMC Theaters is one-upping the whole “choosing a seat” thing.

Their ticket prices are now going to be based on where you sit in the theater.

This new system — called Sightline at AMC — is going to be a three-tiered approach to ticket buying.

The seats you normally avoid — way down front — are going to be cheaper, while the more desirable seats — in the middle of the theater — are going to be more expensive.

They are going to have a Premium, Standard, and Value seating option kind of a thing, and now going to the movie theater just became a whole ordeal, right?!?

It’s traditionally been live shows — think concerts or Broadway — that do the tiered seating thing, but now these seating options are about to hit AMC Theaters.

According to CNN, this new tiered-seating plan is going to roll out to all AMC Theaters by the end of the year.

Sightline at AMC more closely aligns AMC’s seat pricing approach to that of many other entertainment venues, offering experience-based pricing and another way for moviegoers to find value at the movies.

Eliot Hamlisch, AMC’s chief marketing officer

It is important to note that this Sightline at AMC is only going to go into effect for movies that start after 4pm.

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