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Another Record Breaking Heat Wave Is Coming This Weekend and I’m Sweating Just Thinking About It

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It’s going to be hot here this weekend, but it is NOTHING compared to what parts of California, Arizona and Nevada are about to face.

Just shy of three weeks ago, California faced a huge heat wave, with record temperatures upwards of 120 degrees in some parts of the state.

Unfortunately, they are set to see more of the same yet again this weekend.

High pressure is expected to park itself over the desert southwest this week and turn on the burners, particularly for Southern California, southern Nevada and southwest Arizona, federal forecasters said. It’s expected to last Friday through Monday.


Last time this happened, California saw HUGE, devastating fires throughout the state. We are hoping and praying that this isn’t again going to be the case.

As Californians y’all know the warnings for fire danger: Don’t throw those cigarette butts out your car window, no campfires, and be generally more careful!

There is an excessive heat warning in place for San Diego County, Orange County, Los Angeles County, the Inland Empire (Thank GOD I don’t live there anymore), Las Vegas, and Phoenix. This goes all the way from Friday through Monday.

If you are in the Bay area, where it tends to be a bit more on the cooler side, you are even going to see this heat warning extend from Saturday through Monday.

Y’all. Make sure you are staying safe. Make sure you know some ways to cool down your living area, and be sure to stay hydrated. This is ALWAYS important, but even more so during this excessive heat advisory.

The worst of the worst heat is expected on Sunday, so make sure you are prepared. I am only speaking from experience here: Have a plan. Don’t be surprised if there are some brownouts or complete blackouts from everyone’s excessive use of air conditioners.


If it were normal times, I’d say to hit up a theater or mall, where it is bound to stay cool. Unfortunately those aren’t options you are probably going to be able to take advantage of, so have that plan in place for needing air conditioning.

Check on your elderly friends and relatives, those young kids, and remember those pets. They are going to be the most quickly affected by the heat.

It is IMPORTANT to note, even though many outlets are focusing on California, this heatwave will affect much of the west. Parts of Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona need to also heed this warning.

Stay safe out there!

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