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25 Anthropologie Inspired Crafts To Brighten Your Home

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One of the hardest things I’ve had to accept as an adult is that I have caviar tastes, with a Ramen budget. I’m one of those people who will drool her way through Anthropologie and lightly caress every single thing while whispering under my breath, Someday you’ll be mine… Thing is, if you’re even a little crafty you don’t have to wait a lifetime for those caviar dreams to come true. In fact, these 25 Anthropologie inspired crafts will brighten your home without busting your budget! Have fun!

25 Anthropologie Inspired Crafts To Brighten Your Home

1. Show off your good taste, and protect your table tops with these agate coasters.

2. Love the hacienda look, but not the hacienda price tag? Check out these DIY hacienda plates!

3. This easy floating frame is trendy, and a practical way to show off your wall art or pictures.

4. Bring the feel of Anthropologie to your room with this floral quote globe.

5. Jazz up your kitchen decor with designer knobs

6. If you’re all about polka dots, polka dots everywhere, this dot pillow will make you smile, and then some!

7. Don’t just doorstop it…dinosaur doorstop it!

8. You can make these wallpaper coasters as cute or kitschy as you want to make them – just pick your style.

9. Copper never goes out of style, and this copper dipped vase is a look that will last a lifetime.

10. Organize your desk with this gold desk organizer – all for less than the price of a kids meal!

11. Want to go industrial chic? Check out this copper paper towel holder.

12. These beautiful floral mugs aren’t just for decorating – you can actually use them!

13. Imagine sitting under this sun burst mirror, sipping a cup of tea, and reading your favorite book…

14. Take that old jewelry and make jewelry magnets that’ll get your friends talking!

15. This distressed mirror can be hung on a wall, or used as a talking piece in your living space.

16. Make your mantel pop with this mercury glass vase.

17. Everyone will talk about your giraffe trinket dish. And better than that, you’re going to smile every time you see it.

18. Whether for Christmas or whimsy, this felt garland is easy to make and will beautifully brighten any room.

19. Let me say it again: copper never goes out of style! And this copper pipe side table gives you industrial chic, and usability.

20. Invite warmth into your home with this wool pom-pom wreath.

21. This dip-dye ombre pillowcase tutorial is not only Anthropologie inspired, but comes straight from the Anthropologie blog!

22. Cute tassel pillows take any room from normal to fun, and add a bright pop of color to otherwise plain color schemes.

23. Forget about balls in a bowl, these book page pears are next level trendy!

24. Pom-pom dandelions are super easy to make, and will add brightness to any room they’re in.

25. Take your candlesticks to the next level with these trinket candlesticks. Pick trinkets that are meaningful to you, and you’ll have a talking piece and a living memory all in one.

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  1. These crafts are great ideas to incorporate accents of 2018 Pantone, Purple. Little details that will add colors to integrate Purple around the house. The hacienda plates, agate coasters, and the dyed pillowcase are awesome concepts. Do you have other tie dye ideas?

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