Apex Legends Is The New Fortnite, And Here’s What You Need To Know

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Alright, parents we have an issue. Apex Legends is the new Fortnite-like game that just came out, and for the first time in like, ever– more people are playing this game than Fortnite. So we need to pay attention.

Even Ninja is playing it.

Which means it’s a big deal. And it’s not just some fly by night game either. It’s published by EA games, the same people that publish The SIMS and it’s been in the works for two years.

And this is a big deal for parents, because EA games is basically the KING of in-game purchases. This is how they get all of their money, and they are very very good at getting kids to hand over their money.

So, beware.

Why is this game the new “Fortnite killer? Well, for starters, Apex Legends is also free-to-play but it makes the actual playing part way better than Fortnite.

This is the same company who brought you Titanfall, so this is kind of a more kid-friendly version. So, they already had all the mechanics down, they just had to make it a little cuter and more cartoon-like.

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Apex Legends brings the crisp gunplay and mobility, albeit slightly less complicated (no wall running or constant grappling hooks) minus the Titans and combines it with the feedback streamers and gamers alike had given over the past few years.

You can respawn your entire squad if they happen to die during squad BR, you take no fall damage (a major gripe in Fortnite) and there is no building, meaning you can no longer instantly create cover and get into long “building” battles instead of simply shooting the opponent and being more skilled than they are.

Apex Legends has received a T (for Teen) by the ESRB rating system – the same rating Fortnite has.

It’s a little more graphic in terms of downed executions usually shown from the perspective of the victim and slightly more blood splatter from gunfire/explosions, etc.

Those are the facts, see you out in the ring, Legends!

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