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Apple Is Releasing An Update That’ll Allow You To Unlock Your Phone Using Face ID While Wearing A Mask

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Face masks are a necessity. If you aren’t wearing one, you are part of the problem — prove me wrong!

That being said, face masks are flipping inconvenient. It’s hard to breathe, your talking is muffled, and NEVER MIND trying to use Face ID on your iPhone!

That is — until NOW!!

According to CNN Business, developers have said that in iOS 13.5 testing, there is a feature that makes using the FACE ID feature, while wearing a mask, much easier.

Apple hasn’t set a date for rolling out this feature — but I’m just glad it’s on the way.


The upcoming iOS update is also loaded with new software that app developers can use to help iPhone users be notified if they’ve come in contact with a person having Covid-19. It’s a joint project with Google that will help track the spread of the virus using Bluetooth technology

CNN Business

*Shocked Face* They can do that? I am in awe right now. I don’t know whether to be excited or scared to death.


Apparently, you can opt out of this feature — for now, AMIRITE?!? Give me the opt out form NOW.


BUT, I’ll use the FACE ID feature ALL DAY LONG — quite literally! Bring THAT part of iOS 13.5 now, Apple.


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