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Apple Might Owe You Some Money. Here’s How To Check.

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I live and die by my Apple Products. From my Apple Watch, to my iPhone, to my iPad, to my MacBook Air, to my Apple AirPods — I couldn’t live life without each and every Apple device.

I’m betting you’re about the same way, right?!?

But, if you use Apple products, you might just be getting more than coal in your stocking for Christmas!!

It turns out, Apple might owe YOU a bit of money for a change.

Now, that’s ONLY if you qualify under the settlement of a class action lawsuit against Apple.

You are probably wondering how, exactly, you might find out if you are entitled to money from this lawsuit.

If you purchased a MacBook laptop within the last seven years or so, and you wound up with a defective keyboard, this might just pertain to you.

The keyboards in question were that of the much-hated “butterfly” design.

This “butterfly” refers to the mechanism underneath the keys — a “V” shape as opposed to the “X” shape that is more common.

This “butterfly keyboard” was designed to offer more precision as your fingers hit the keys — but just the opposite happened.

The crook of the “V” in the keyboard mechanism was prone to be like a magnet for dust and dirt.

Some of the keys stuck, some of the keys flat out wouldn’t work, and it left many people wanting to throw their computers against a wall.

How Do You Find Out If Apple Owes You Money?

To make a claim against your Apple product, and cash in on this class action lawsuit, you must submit a claim.

You must do so by March 6, 2023. So, don’t drag your feet on this!

Want to find out if you purchased one of the models in question?

Head on over to the settlement website. They have the models in question listed in detail.

To be eligible, you had to purchase the keyboard, then have it repaired for having sticky keys.

If everything checks out, and you think Apple owes you money, you can file a claim HERE.

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