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Applebee’s Is Selling Giant Halloween Cocktails For Only $5 Each and One Is Topped With A Gummy Brain

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I’m sure it isn’t just me, but I have had a strong desire to go out for some drinks. I’m normally not too much of a drinker, but man I need a break! Now I just need to find someone to go to Applebee’s with me to try out their Halloween boozy drinks they’ve created!


These Halloween cocktails are super affordable too, only $5 each! I’ve become quite the “lightweight”, but I am pretty determined to try both of these new drinks.


The two Halloween drinks are available right now! They will only be available through Halloween. These are not petite little drinks, they are served in the “Mucho” glasses.


You can get the Tipsy Zombie, which is a tropical blue cocktail that’s made with Bacardi Superior, Midori, and to top it all off… a gummy brain! Brains!


The other cocktail is called Dracula’s Juice, this is a cross between a margarita and a daiquiri. I love frozen drinks! Dracula’s Juice is made with Patrón Tequila, Bacardi Superior, margarita mix, and a wildberry.


Both of these drinks sound absolutely delicious! However, if you don’t want to dine in right now you can get them to-go at some Applebee’s locations. Does anyone want to go with me? I’m looking for a BFF!


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