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Applebee’s Has New $5 Oversized Halloween Cocktails That Look Wickedly Tasty

Every Halloween, Applebee’s chains introduce new Halloween-themed drinks that are creatively spooky. 

Not to mention, the not so terrifying price is only five bucks per glass! 

Courtesy of @applebees

The oversized drinks come in red, blue, and green colors this year with a wickedly good taste.

Courtesy of @Applebee’s Iowa

To start, Applebee’s is offering two new drinks including Dracula’s Juice and the Tipsy Zombie and whether or not you prefer a drunken zombie or Dracula’s juice from the fridge, both are equally spooky for the Halloween season!

Courtesy of @Applebee’s Iowa

While Dracula’s Juice includes a wildberry fusion of a Patron Silver margarita and a Bacardi Superior daiquiri, the Tipsy Zombie features a colorful and tropical cocktail with Bacardi Superior, passion fruit, pineapple, cherry, lime, and a chewy brain topped with Midori to complete the look.

Courtesy of @MontanaAreaCode

At participating Applebee’s, you can sink your fangs into $5 spooky sips all day long for the entire month of October!