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Arby’s Is Adding A New Root Beer and Coke Float To Their Menu And I’m On My Way

What a sweet deal!

Arby’s, famous for their DELICIOUS Roast Beef Sandwiches, has brought back the Coke Float to their summer menu! Not only that, they have added a traditional summer offering — the Root Beer Float!

Courtesy of Arby’s

I haven’t had a Root Beer Float in YEARS!! OMG, they are so good, aren’t they? Root Beer Floats totally remind me of summers by the pool when I was a kid!

Root Beer is kind of controversial. Some people love it, some people really don’t care for it — because their weird! I am Team Root Beer all the way.

Coke is just a no brainer. If you live in the south, you were raised on Coke. If you aren’t from the south — well, I don’t really know how y’all were raised — I was raised in Texas.

With a traditional Ice Cream Float, you pour soda over scooped ice cream, and then you can eat it with a spoon. Once it melts, and forms that creamy, vanilla-y soda, you can slurp the rest of it up through a straw. YUM!!

At Arby’s, they’ve taken the Ice Cream Float one better. They have combined their Vanilla Milkshake in with the soda. This makes it smooth, and creamy, and you can totally drink it driving down the road.

Courtesy of Arby’s

OMG — I need one of these pronto. Like, hold my phone while I grab my keys!

The Coke Float uses — well, Coke — obviously. The Root Beer Float uses, my personal favorite Root Beer, Barq’s! Either way, you are getting a winner!

Now, unfortunately, these are not permanent staples on the Arby menu. Like so many of the good things, these are seasonal, and will be gone too soon.

This just gives you a reason to head right out to your closest Arby’s! You know you want to get one of their Roast Beef Sandwiches, anyway. Now, you totally have an excuse to go and get both!

Which one are you dying to try? Are you Team Root Beer, or Team Coke?