Arizona Green Tea Ice Cream Exists and I’m Stocking Up

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Van Leeuwen Ice Cream is known to turn funky flavors into ice cream.

Just look at their Kraft Macaroni & Cheese flavor.

Courtesy of Van Leeuwen

Now adding to the long list of unique flavors, Van Leeuwen has released another unheard of flavor inspired from a popular beverage.

What’s dubbed Van Leeuwen Arizona Green Tea ice cream, this small pint should taste exactly like a can of fresh Arizona.

Colored mint green and decorated like the famous Arizona Green Tea bottle on the outside of the pint, Van Leeuwen’s newest ice cream flavor features french ice cream and notes of honeycomb.

It’ll be like sipping from the can itself, expect you’re not.

Courtesy of @melvins_munchies

So pop open the can I mean grab a spoon.

Courtesy of @snackbetch

Now before I break your heart, the new sweet treat flavor is available at Walmart to snag for your after dinner indulgence.

It’s always better to take the good news first, trust me.

Courtesy of @candyhunting

The bad news, is that this flavor is limited-edition only and if you want our advice, make sure to pickup two pints rather than one because we all know the rest of the family is going to want a bite.

Just look for the cool green pint in the freezer section.

Courtesy of @vanleeuwenicecream

You can find the Arizona Green Tea ice cream by Van Leeuwen currently stocked on Walmart’s store shelves!

Courtesy of @amber_of_mi

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