AT&T Has “Flying Cows” That Brings You Access to the Internet

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Considering the 21st century is home to drones making deliveries and futuristic cars, it makes sense that the invention of flying cows has now become a reality.

Thanks to an experimental new drone, the AT&T 5G Flying COW has been created and yes, it’s really called the “Flying COW” and no, the farm animals still can’t fly.

The word “COW”, an acronym that stands for Flying Cell on Wings according to the phone company, the new drone is literally a floating cell tower that hovers over areas in need of a wifi connection.

Courtesy of AT&T

Broadcasting a superior 5G signal within around a 10 mile range that can operate from thousands of miles away, the drones can potentially bring high-speed cell service for areas in need of access.

Courtesy of AT&T

Although AT&T has previously used LTE Flying COWs to provide internet access to areas who have witnessed natural disasters, the short range of 5G signals aren’t quite yet suited for disaster relief.

Courtesy of AT&T

Therefore, the cell company wants the 5G Flying COW to expand its network permanently.

Courtesy of AT&T

According to Art Pregler, UAS Program Director at AT&T says future “Flying COWs” could,

“autonomously fly without tethers for months without landing, using solar power to provide secure, reliable, and fast 5G connectivity to large numbers of users over wide geographic areas.”

Art Pregler
Courtesy of AT&T

While AT&T is currently working on the untethered version of the drone, AT&T also mentions “building a litter of RoboDogs” to perform rescue missions or disable bombs according to a press release.

Courtesy of AT&T

A century built around “Flying Cows” and RoboDogs; you can watch the video below to watch the “Flying COWs in action!

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