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Awesome Ornament Storage Ideas

The thing about Christmas decorating is, it’s only up for a month, so for the other eleven months out of the year– you have to store everything! But we only have so much space!

 I love these awesome ornament storage ideas, because they’re simple, can be done with what you have around the house and they totally save space!

I don’t know about you, but I sort of feel like the day after Christmas the tree HAS to come down. It’s like one chapter is closed, and another has to open (ring in the new year).

The issue is storing everything quickly without having anything break. Oh, and it has to save space because we don’t have a ton of storage space in our home.

That’s why I love these ornament storage ideas because they hit every requirement on the “hurry and store away ornaments until next year” list.ornament storage ideas

These are some of my favorite ornament storage ideas!

1. Put delicate ornaments in individual cups. I can’t tell you how many ornaments I’ve broken before I learned this trick! Bonus: you can get plastic cups at the dollar store and really save $$$!

2. Store round ornaments in egg cartons. Whoa, you could store so many this way! And, it won’t cost you anything extra because you already have it at home!

3.  Store flat ornaments in storage bags. Then they won’t be all dusty when you pull them out! I especially like to use this trick for storing our glittery ornaments because it helps keep the glitter inside the bags and off everything else.

ornament storage ideas

4. Keep big ornaments between two paper bowls. That way they won’t get squished or tangled! Again, get these at the dollar store and save yourself some moolah!

5. Use cardboard to detangle lights. This is one of my favorite ornament storage hacks! It makes decorating way easier next year because you can just turn the cardboard as you wrap the lights around the Christmas tree. 

6. Like apples? Those nifty plastic containers apples come in (I’ve seen these at Costco) are the perfect solution to storing all those breakable ornaments.

7. Use all those coffee containers for something other than coffee. Wrap your Christmas lights around the cans for storing and reduce waste! Win-win.

8. I think my favorite storage idea of all, is to simply use plastic wrap on the ENTIRE Christmas Tree tightly so your tree is stored fully decorated. Of course, this is the super quick way out of storing away all those ornaments and it totally requires you to use the same decorations year after year. But, who cares because you will have put away your tree like a total boss!