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Baby Yoda Collectibles Are Coming. He Even Eats A Frog

2020 is the year of all things Baby Yoda and I’m OBSESSED!


My Baby Yoda spending habit is getting out of hand big time! Like my wallet is seriously pissed at me… LOL! How is he so cute!?


So not only did they reveal the Baby Yoda Chia Pet at the New York Toy Fair. But they also had these adorable little Baby Yoda figurines on display! One even shows him eating a frog!!

From Hasbro’s Star Wars Collection: The Bounty Collection The Child toy collectible toys 2-pack, inspired by the super-cute character from the hit Disney Plus series The Mandalorian!

He may look like a “Baby Yoda,” but this 50-year-old adorable creature is called The Child and is many things: cute, curious, hungry, sleepy, Force-sensitive, and one of the galaxy’s most wanted! Fans can start their own collection of this adorable character in poses inspired by iconic scenes from the live-action streaming series!

These 2.2-inch collectible figures are an awesome way to start a collection, swap with friends, or give as gifts, or display in any Star Wars collection!

These Baby Yoda figurines are 2.2 inches tall and come in sets of two! Each set of two is retailing for $15.99!


These little cuties are currently available for pre-order and set to be released on May 11th of this year!

You can find them on Amazon. I highly suggest pre-ordering them, because we all know Baby Yoda merch sells like hotcakes!

Now please excuse me while I go pre-order my Baby Yoda figurines!