{Totally Retro} Back To School Nail Art

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I can’t even believe it’s already time to start thinking about back to school. But, you can’t really go back to school without the most awesome back to school nail art, now can you? I love these notebook nails because they’re super simple to do, and they look amazing!

back to school notebook nail art

How do you paint this awesome back to school notebook nail art?

Well, the secret is permanent markers! (I used these.)

Basically you paint your nails white, and then draw on the rest. 

back to school nail collage

  • Paint your nails white. (I recommend OPI Alpine Snow.)
  • Let them dry really well
  • Use Bic Mark-It permanent markers in blue to draw in the notebook paper lines
  • Use the pink marker to draw in the margin line
  • Doodle your favorite doodles on with a black marker
  • Finish up with a fast drying top coat to seal in the markers.

And you have the cutest ever doodle nail art for back to school!

Here’s everything you need to create this look:



This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Awesome, i was always asking myself How do you achieve these beautiful nail designs? But today i found the answer, I will try this beautiful back to school nail art.

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