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Bake With Hallecake: Minecraft Lava Punch

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You know, I am really proud of my daughter, Hallecake. I mean, yeah because she’s beautiful and awesome and smart and all that good stuff… but that’s not what I am proud of her for.

I am proud of her for starting her youtube channel and sticking with it. I help her out a lot– what with the editing and the uploading and the making sure she doesn’t read any terrible comments because I am her mom and I want to protect her and all that, but most of the ideas she comes up with are very much her own.

She had me guest star earlier this week and teach her “fans” how to make a rainbow loom Mickey Mouse bracelet. That was fun, and I will probably do it again because I think I’ve figured out how to make a Minecraft Creeper rainbow loom bracelet, so I think her “fans” will enjoy that one.

But this lava punch? It was entirely her idea. She knows what Minecraft lava looks like, and she knew what she wanted her Minecraft Lava Punch to taste like, so she came up with this video all on her own, and that makes me happy.

Minecraft Lava Punch from Hallecake

So, go Hallecake. You rock. Check out her video below: 


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