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This Baking Hack Shows You How to Make Your Chocolate Chip Cookies Perfectly Round 

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Baking chocolate chip cookies that are near perfection, well, there is no such thing. 

At least one out of the bunch is oddly shaped or doesn’t have enough chocolate chips in the dough.

Courtesy of @babychrismom

Thanks to TikToker @babychrismom, you can now bake the perfect sheet of chocolate chip cookies, at least in the way it’s shaped. 

Courtesy of @babychrismom

Starting with freshly baked cookies straight out of the oven, grab a clear cup that is round on the top and gently place it on top of the cookie without nicking any corners. 

Courtesy of @babychrismom

Carefully, and most importantly gently roll around the warm cookie inside the cup and the shape will form to a perfect sphere! 

Courtesy of @babychrismom

As the batch hardens your chocolate chip cookies will look like they came from the inside of a Disney film. 

Share with the family, or not; we won’t tell anyone.

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