Barbie Party Cakes Are The Hot New Way to Celebrate Turning Another Year Older

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Come on Barbie, let’s go party!

If you have a birthday coming up or know someone who does, you should be aware of this hot new cake trend – Barbie Party Cakes!

Barbie Party Cakes are taking the internet by storm simply because, they are clever party cakes that have everyone talking.


As the name would suggest, these cakes are made to look like Barbie was out having the time of her life celebrating her birthday.

Yes, hungover Barbie is typically included along with other party items such as mini bottles of alcohol and candy.

You can certainly make your own Barbie Party Cake at home. All you need is a cake, Barbie, some mini bottles of booze and some creativity.


I bet you could find most of what you need at your local Dollar Tree (Barbies, cake decorations and even candy to put on top of the cake).

Or you can also opt to just order one from a local bakery because that would be awesome!


Honestly, people are so clever these days.

I am loving this Barbie Party Cake trend – it’s so fun!


This is truly one party trend I can get on board with.


So, if you’re looking for a unique party idea for an upcoming birthday, consider these fun Barbie Party Cakes!

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