People Are Putting Bars of Soap In Their Garden And It Is So Smart

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Some people are just so brilliant.

I’ve already learned so much about gardening. Everything from painting rocks to look like strawberries to using laundry basket as strawberry planters.

And now, I can add one more brilliant gardening hack to my list: bar soap in the garden.

Yes, people are putting bars of soap in their gardens to help ward off critters and keep them from eating their crops and plants.

Two Men and a Little Farm

Why does this work?

Well, Irish Spring soap smells like eucalyptus and critters including deer and mice, hate the smell of it.


So, how do you do it?

Well, if you have a deer problem, you can cut up bars of soap (or use shavings) and stick them inside a pantyhose or a mesh bag and hang them around your garden.


If you have a mice, bunny or problems with critters on the ground, cut up pieces and lay them all around the perimeter of your garden.

Now, the Irish Spring is the kind of soap you really want to use. People who try this, swear by it but it’s that soap only that seems to work.


So, there you have it – an easy way to keep critters away from your plants.

You can grab some Irish Spring Soap in bulk here.

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