Baskin-Robbins Released New Ice Cream Creature Creations and I Call Dibs On The Mermaid

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I’ve never seen such a decorative and detailed ice cream such as what Baskin-Robbins just released for Summer 2020!

Baskin Robbins

I’ve never had the pleasure to visit a Baskin-Robbins but taking one glance at these three new items, and yes I said three, it’s time to pay a visit.


Better yet, one of the three ice cream treats looks like its sending a message to the public to get ready for spooky season! Since it’s already July, we need to get a jump on pre-maturely celebrating for Halloween.

Courtesy of Baskin Robbins

The collection is called Creature Creations and each one is carefully decorated with an edible cookie topping representing what mythical creature the ice cream resembles.

You can choose between a unicorn, mermaid or a monster. Even the cups are designed for each mythical character.


However, Baskin-Robbins has put a twist to each new ice cream treat. You choose the flavor and they decorate! So if you want Mint Chocolate Chip with your monster cup, you got it!

Don’t forget about the edible orange eye at the top!


The mermaid cup includes a pink and blue mermaid’s tail and the unicorn comes with a colorful unicorn horn!


“We’re incredibly excited to launch Creature Creations and have everyone experience a totally out-of-the-ordinary way to take an imaginative ice cream break and let their inner creature out,” said Shannon Blakely, vice president of marketing at Baskin-Robbins, said in a press release.

Shannon Blakely, Vice President of Marketing at Baskin-Robbins

To top it all off, and I’m not just talking about the sprinkles, each of these creatively styled ice cream treats comes with a FREE matching crown of your creature!


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