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This Ceramic Flying Bat Succulent Holder Is The Cutest Way To Decorate For Halloween

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If there’s anything I require to have in my car, it’s decor hanging from my mirror. It’s a peculiar preference, but my car feels naked without it. 

Courtesy of @TramaiCeramics

Currently I have a bright yellow sunflower that smells like some type of fruit I’ve completely forgotten about (its been a long time). Regardless, it needs to be replaced. 

Courtesy of @TramaiCeramics

I’ve been desperately wanting to purchase a tiny succulent plant holder to hang from my mirror, but none have caught my interest so far.

Courtesy of @TramaiCeramics

With that being said, I most recently found a ceramic succulent plant holder that may do the trick and it’s in the shape of a bat. 

Who says we can’t start decorating for Halloween now?! 

Courtesy of @TramaiCeramics

The flying bat has a face to its shape too! With two sharp teeth, legs and wings, your ceramic bat will smile at you through the happiest and the saddest days. 

Courtesy of @TramaiCeramics

There are three sizes you can choose from, small, medium and large that hold different sized succulents as well. 

Courtesy of @TramaiCeramics

Did I mention this plant holder is handmade?! You can purchase your own flying bat succulent holder for $45.

On second thought, this plant holder may look better in a bedroom or bathroom depending on how big it looks in your car, but never say never!

Courtesy of @TramaiCeramics

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  1. For being handmade i totally understand the price! They are super cute and im sure take a lot of time!

  2. Very cute, the price is a little too much for any size S,M or L.

  3. DO NOT hang this from your rear view mirror!!!! ??‍♀️ Such a ridiculous idea

  4. I cannot stress enough how much you should NOT hang this from a car mirror, unless you want to be picking up $45 worth of ceramic shards the first time you have to brake hard. ?

  5. Very cute but not worth the price! That’s crazy for a little plant holder!

  6. That’s adorable but there’s no way I’m paying $50 for it.