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Bath and Body Works New Halloween Collection Is PERFECT

I am halloween obsessed. I’ve already spent all my money on the halloween collection from Target, but now Bath & Body works just released their halloween stuff, and it is SO GOOD I am going to have to get a second job.

Their hand sanitizers are a must have in my house, and we are DYING over Candicorn and Ghoul fiend.

But, everybody knows that you are only as cool as your hand sanitizer holder. And these halloween sanitizer holders are SPOT ON.

That ghost lanyard even LIGHTS UP.

And I can NOT get enough of the candle holders!

The scents are really good, too!

Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte?!? Could that BE more fall-tastic if it tried?

But no halloween collection would be complete without a SUGAR SKULL WALLFLOWER PLUG.

I die.

OR a spooky chandelier.

I want the whole Bath and Body Works Halloween collection. (You can get it here.)