Be Strong, Single Moms

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I remember my first morning as a single mom vividly. My alarm clock went off, and I realized that there was nobody else there to get up if I didn’t. If I slept in, if I couldn’t get myself up for whatever reason, my daughter wouldn’t make it to school.


And that’s when I knew what it was to be a single mom. It’s a tough, crazy job and there’s so much to it. But you know what? It’s amazing.

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I got to spend loads of time with my kid, hang with her and know that it was all about us when we were together. It’s work, but it’s good work. It’s the kind of work that moms can be proud of.

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Any time someone tells me they are a single mom I am immediately impressed. Why? Because they are the strongest women I know. I want to say to those awesome, strong, amazing women, “Happy Father’s Day, Mom!”

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Life as a single mom is a complete and total balancing act, and that’s okay because moms are soft, but they are also strong!

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