This Beach Cart Doubles As A Table Complete With Insulated Drink Holders And I Need It

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I LOVE the beach, but if there is a part I HATE, it is lugging out all our beach chairs, coolers, and other beach goodies out by the water.

I mean, you can sometimes rent a big ol’ cart, but then you have to go through the process of going back and returning the thing. It is just a freaking hassle, and I dread it EVERYTIME!

Well, check this out, we found a beach cart that not only hauls all your stuff, it doubles as a beach table — complete with drink holders. YES, PLEASE!!

It has a huge mesh pocket to hold your beach supplies, it stands up, it has wheels, and you can even hang chairs off the top — well, it’s the leg of the table.

The table, itself is made of plastic and aluminum, which is AWESOME, because it will resist warping and damage.

Another feature that I LOVE — it come with four built-in, insulated cup holders! Do you know HOW many times I’ve gotten a mouth full of sand, because my drink rests on the ground?!?

The Wonder Cart – Beach Cart – to be used transporting your beach supplies and then easily folding into a beach table. The beach table/cart is aluminum composite, which will not warp like fiberboard will. This is much stronger and will not warp or decay as the core is made of hardened plastic. If you’re going to the beach, stack on your beach chairs and towels, sunscreen and enjoy your day with a beach table included.

Courtesy of Amazon

This awesome beach cart will run about forty-five bucks, and if you’ve ever struggled your way down a sandy beach, you know this is hella worth it! Not only do you get a great cart, you also get a nice little table and umbrella holder!

You can grab your Rio Beach Wonder Cart straight from the Amazon website. BONUS — it’s eligible for Amazon Prime! FREE SHIPPING!

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