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Because The World Isn’t Gross Enough, Diver Lets Fish Swim Inside His Mouth

As a pet owner, there have been times I’ve let my animals do questionable things. I mean, most of us have. Like, when our puppy licks us on the face when we know full and well that pup has probably been eating things…gross things. Or when it’s 2AM and we hear the dog retching and we jump out of bed to get them outside to puke…but it’s a second too late. And we need to clean it, but again, it’s 2AM and know what? That puke will be there in the morning. Yeah. Sometimes we’re all gross. But as gross as I am, I’ve never been ‘let fish into my mouth to eat food out from between my teeth’ gross. This diver was 100ft below the surface when two cleaner fish began nibbling his lips and looking for food. Rather than bat them away, he removes his regulator and lets the cleaner fish swim INTO his mouth, and go to work.

The video was taken by Russian professional diver Vitaly Bazarov off the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. Vitaly said: “I was a diving with my friends at the world-famous Blue Hole in Dahab.”

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