Ben And Jerry’s Released Cookie Dough Chunks In Gingerbread and Cinnamon Bun Flavors And I Have To Try Them

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I love ice cream. And I love cookie dough. AND I love the Ben and Jerry’s brand. So when I found out that Ben and Jerry’s made their own line of frozen cookie dough bites, I was probably more excited than the average human! 

And although they have already released a few different and exciting flavors, they are now stepping it up by giving us two brand new flavors to kick off the holiday season: Gingerbread and Cinnamon Bun! (Is anyone else’s mouth watering?)

I have to say, I’m probably most excited about the gingerbread flavor, but honestly I’m excited to try them both! I also can’t wait to see what other flavors they will come out with in the future! (I’m thinking peppermint mocha and eggnog sound good to me!)


According to a Ben and Jerry’s rep: 

“There’s no better way to ignore the heat and start planning for season’s greetings. The Gingerbread Cookie Dough Chunks are like building a holiday house in your mouth – the sweetness and spices are just like you remember as a kid. The Cinnamon Bun Dough Chunks will get you in the mood for special weekend brunches, and they’re vegan!”

OK, so the fact that he said that it’s like building a house in your mouth may be a bit overboard, but otherwise, I am convinced that this is definitely an item that I have to try and get my hands on quickly before they fly off the shelves!


Have you had any of the Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough bites yet? If so, which one is your favorite so far? Comment below and let us know!


These were found at Target but it’s worth checking your local grocery store to see if they carry them. I’m on my way to see if I can snag some now!!!


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  1. I need to know if any flavors of your cookie dough are dairy free. I know some of your ice cream is dairy free. My granddaughter has a dairy allergy and loves your dairy free ice cream, and loves cookie dough., so I am hoping that there are some flavors of the cookie dough that are also dairy free.