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7 of The Best Hot Chocolate Mixes That Will Warm Your Soul

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One of my ABSOLUTE favorite holiday traditions is all the different Hot Chocolates that exist for you to savor and enjoy!

I am a huge connoisseur of the creamy hot chocolate drink, but I’m definitely not a snob when it comes to what kind of hot chocolate I drink.

If you put a steaming cup of chocolatey drink in front of me, I’m gonna drink it — no questions asked.

I really don’t care if it’s a Unicorn Hot Cocoa Powder Drink from Swiss Miss or a Hot Chocolate Bomb that turns your milk into a delicious chocolatey concoction.

I love any number of Homemade Hot Chocolate Drinks, especially this Peppermint Variety, and — OMG!! — this Crockpot Hot Chocolate (if you haven’t made it before, make this the year you try it)!!

But, there are some REALLY good ready-to-buy powders that make an excellent drink of Hot Cocoa, and we are here to tell you about them!!

So, without further ado, I bring you — 7 Hot Chocolate Mixes You Should Immediately Go Try!!

Starbucks Hot Chocolate — Not only can you go into the store to get them to make you a delicious Holiday Masterpiece that is Hot Chocolate With Whipped Cream, you can go right to Walmart website to get the Starbucks powder to make your Cocoa at home!!

Not only do they have the Classic Hot Chocolate flavor, but they have Peppermint and Double Chocolate flavors as well!!


Stephen’s Gourmet Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa — Look no further than the Walmart website to bring you delicious Chocolatey Cocoa drink mixes!! This is one of my FAVORITE milk chocolate Hot Chocolates.


Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate — Just the name Ghirardelli evokes tastes, smells, and visions of the perfect chocolate. Now, you can get that delicious Ghirardelli Chocolate in a Double Chocolate flavor from the Target website.


Williams Sonoma Classic Hot Chocolate — Williams Sonoma is one of my all time favorite kitchen stores, and they make a mighty fine Hot Chocolate as well!! Just go to the Williams Sonoma website to get your own.

They have several flavors that are simply drool worthy: Classic, Peppermint, Hazelnut, Salted Caramel.

Williams Sonoma

World Market Hot Chocolate — I’m not going to lie. I love going into World Market anytime of the year, but ESPECIALLY at Christmas time!! They have so many kinds of Hot Chocolates, and each one of them is as tasty as the next!

Some of the MUST TRY varieties are the Bourbon Pecan Hot Cocoa Mix, the Cookie Butter Hot Cocoa Mix, and the Moonstruck Mint Chocolate Milk Hot Cocoa Mix.

World Market

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