Beyonce Was Caught Shopping at Target and People are Losing Their Minds

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You don’t always have that *eye roll reaction* to something you find on the internet but today was that day.

Beyonce was caught shopping at Target in LA and people are losing their damn minds over it.

Yes, people are SURPRISED that a celebrity with her level of status is shopping in an every day retail store like Target.

*insert eye roll*

The same store us moms try to make our messy bun look like an intentional, cute messy bun just so we can run and grab a case of toilet paper without running into anyone we know looking like a hot mess.

I just don’t get it.

Why do we continue to put celebrities on pedestals?

I mean, please don’t think that Beyonce doesn’t poop, because she does.

Probably a lot more than the rest of us after she does her latest cleansing diet. So, if anyone should be at Target shopping for toilet paper, it should be her.

Look, I know they are famous and trust me when I say, if it were Adam Levine standing in front of me in line at Target, I’d lose my damn mind.

But, not because he is at Target, more because he is in front of me.

More, because I can only hope I won’t make myself look like a total fool while I try to get up the courage to say hi.

More because it’s freaking ADAM LEVINE and that gorgeous beast needs to stay locked up.

Get my drift?

I find it cool this boss babe walked into a Target and she wasn’t too good to shop there.

So, let’s stop losing our minds over the fact she was at Target and just lose our minds over how great she looks walking up and down those isles. #mombossstatus

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