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The Original Voice Actor Of Binx The Cat Will Not Be Returning For ‘Hocus Pocus 2’

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Everyone was all excited, because a black cat looking eerily close to Thackery Binx appeared in the trailer for Hocus Pocus 2.


But, slow your roll, peeps. This does not appear to actually be Binx.

If you remember, at the beginning of Hocus Pocus, Thackery Binx got cursed to live forever as a black cat. Later on, however, his spell was broken when the Sanderson Sisters were defeated at the end of the film.


Oops. Sorry. Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen the OG Hocus Pocus.


His ghostly form was reunited with his sister in the afterlife, and all was well.


But, the trailer for the NEW Hocus Pocus 2 had fans going crazy. It looked like Binx might be back.


Sadly, it has been confirmed that Jason Marsden — who voiced the cat version of Thackery Binx — will not be returning for the sequel.

Side Note: That is NOT James Marsden who starred in The Notebook and Sonic the Hedgehog. They aren’t even related.

Now, will Binx be returning with another voice actor? Probably not. I mean, Thackery Binx did go to heaven in the first Hocus Pocus.

There will, obviously from the trailer, be ANOTHER black cat in the movie, however.


Never fear. I bet the movie will still be amazing. HELLO, it’s Hocus Pocus, for crying out loud!


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