You Can Now Get Bite-Sized Twizzlers Stuffed With Orange Cream Filling

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Twizzlers notes that it’s red colored licorice needs a makeover considering their newest creation changes everything about the original twisted candy pieces we know and well, eat by the dozen!

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Rather orange than red, Twizzlers welcomes a newly packaged sweet treat that looks and tastes exactly like an orange creamsicle enjoyed on a hot summer’s day.

Introducing, Twizzlers Minis Orange Cream Pop filled licorice!

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Colored neon orange and stuffed with a white cream that tastes like an orange cream pop, these bite-sized candies will let you eat the bag as you should, and that’s by the handful.

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Similar to the size of the new Twizzler pieces, each fun-sized bag is a smaller version of the original pack you might find in the candy aisle, which means it might be in your benefit to stock up on a few bags, rather than just one.

Decorated with oranges, red, and blue colors, look for the orange popsicle on the left corner of the bag, and you’ll know you found the one.

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Currently stocked at Walmart, you can find the new bite-sized, orange cream filled Twizzlers stocked near the registers thanks to @foodiewiththebeasts, for the specific details on where to find the new candy.

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And if you find yourself wanting more than just the mini sized Twizzlers, the candy company also has the Orange Cream Pop stuffed licorice at Walmart for less than five bucks a pack!

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