These Black Christmas Trees Are This Year’s Hottest Holiday Trend

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I straight-up BEGGED my family to get a Black Christmas Tree last year! Amazon even has them, so it can be delivered straight to the house.

They said it was a hard pass — because they have no imagination — but hear me out!
Via Amazon

When you decorate this tree on full-festive mode — I’m talking tons of lights, tinsil, and ornaments galore — this tree actually looks like the DARKEST of green Christmas trees!

Don’t see it? Just throw some more green lights on there, and it will make sense. All the green reflected on the black branches makes it a stunning masterpiece of Holiday Cheer!

I MIGHT be stretching it just a bit, but I REALLY want one! This black tree is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Does that mean I have a black heart? It’s possible.

This stunning black tree can DOUBLE as a Halloween tree. It’s brilliant! See, it’s multifunctional.

Throw some Jack Skellington or Day of the Dead ornaments on there, and you are totally ready to ROCK out the season!

My daughter got this pink tree last year for her room, so I’m thinking I’m due my black tree this year!

Via Amazon

Get yourself a Black Christmas Tree HERE.

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