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You Can Plant A Black Dragon Rose Bush And It Is Gorgeous

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Spring has sprung and all of the flowers and trees are starting to grow and bloom!

Roses are so beautiful and I had no idea how many different varieties of roses there were.

Today I found out about the Black Dragon Rose and it’s absolutely stunning!

You can plant a bush of Black Dragon Roses to grow in your yard.

All that you need to do is buy the Black Dragon Rose seeds and you’ll have to germinate them first before you can plant them.

Rose seeds need cold temperatures to start the germination process, you can accomplish this by germinating them in your refrigerators crisper drawer.

Awesome I loved the detailed how to germinate directions

Kelli – Etsy customer review

Once planted the Black Dragon Rosebush will grow to be about 3 to 4 feet tall and about 3 feet wide.

Just so you know, there aren’t actually blue or black roses, the blue is actually a shade of purple or violet and the black is actually a dark shade of maroon red.

The Black Dragon Rosebush seeds do come with detailed growing instructions, so even if this is your first time, I’m sure you’ll do great!

Very fast shipper !! Love the detail in the instructions to grow my roses!! Thanks so much!!

Genia Lemoi Vega – Etsy customer review

You can purchase your own Black Dragon Rosebush seeds from Petidsrus on Etsy!

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