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You Can Get Black Toilet Paper So Every Bathroom Visit Feels Like a Black Tie Event

So fancy!

I feel like I need this in my life… I truly believed it’d be a great conversation piece. Quite literally.

So, apparently black toilet paper exists and it looks sophisticated AF.

I mean, imagine walking into the bathroom and seeing that gorgeous black bum paper, it’ll make you feel like you’re at a black tie event.

In all seriousness, not only does this black toilet paper look cool, apparently, it smells good too.

According to the description, it has a light wood scented and is described as being “the sexiest paper on earth”.

I mean, your bum has never felt so important and fancy.

I am thinking this would be cool for Halloween or just any time you want to wow your guests as they visit the throne.

You can get a 6-count of this Black Toilet Paper on Amazon for under $19 here.