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People Are Obsessed with ‘Blates’ and I Totally Need a Set

I have found my new kitchen obsession, and it is a Blate.


What is a BLATE, you ask? It is a hybrid between a bowl and a plate, and it is genius.

It’s a little funny what you get excited about when you get older, huh! LOL!!

The Blate has a flat base like a plate, but it has a rounded edge on the side like a bowl. It’s concave, but it’s shallow. It’s perfection.

They are those bowl plates you see at the Olive Garden when you order their Never Ending Pasta Bowl, or Ravioli, or Spaghetti, or Chicken Parmesan. Damn it, now I want Olive Garden. *Mouth Watering Emoji*

These Blates have taken the world of Twitter by storm, and I can totally see why. Not only do they protect your floors from plate spillage, but they look super cool and fancy.

You have to check these Blates out. Some of our favorites are below. You’re gonna wanna bust out your credit card now!